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Gon to my Killua ♥.

tsundere boys are important On Semi Hiatus.

"Please pay attention to me, not Yamazaki-senpai!" 

Mikoshiba Momotarou || Free! Eternal Summer Ep. 9

Rin-senpai! (´∀`)♡

How is something like this pretty?

"I’ll just say what’s on my mind…This isn’t where I should be right now. Well, it isn’t like I could help Gon if I were with him. He’s…Gon is fighting for his life now. He’s a buddy. A friend. But I only found out recently."

"While I was studying for myself, drinking, moving from place to place, jerking off, entertaining women, and surfing the internet, he was fighting for others…One of them has put his life on the line to save Gon. All I could do was talk to Gon. That’s all I can do.

Shit Saitama says [1/?]

precious dorks (●´∀`●)

Sakura: Hori-senpai, when you first met Kashima-kun, did you think she was a guy, even for a second?
Hori-senpai: Man, was I ever surprised!
Sakura: Wait! What kind of timing is that to realize it?!

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